Below are some of the main features on the Exposure platform.


Online scheduling can save time and resources by creating a full schedule within a matter of minutes with our drag and drop grid interface or auto-scheduling while at the same time eliminating mistakes.

  • Coaches coaching more than one team
  • Date and Time restrictions
  • Teams playing at a specific venue
  • Travel time between venues
  • Back to back validation
  • 1-Day Play™, Tournaments, Leagues

Real-Time Results

Everyone wants final results posted immediately to see where and who they play next, including standings and brackets. Our system is fully automated, just enter scores and we take care of the rest.

  • Standings
  • Brackets
  • Scores
  • Notifications
  • Alerts

Online Registration

Exposure offers two ways to handle event registration for teams and/or individuals which include single participant registration or multi-team, multi-event, and multi-sport registration EventStore™.


Our first class messaging system communicates with everyone subscribed to an upcoming event for important information and past events to market your organization.

  • Target past events, specific divisions or teams
  • Send to coaches or everyone subscribed to the event or team
  • Send email, text, and push notifications
  • Schedule revision alerts
  • Post to Twitter and Facebook

Event Marketing

Add events to our platform and get maximum marketing, advertising and promotional oopportunities. Your event will be listed with others in your area, so make sure to fill out as much information as possible to stand out from the competition. We have hundreds to thousands of visitors and subscribers so don't miss out.

  • Event Directory Listing, Ads, Banners
  • Event Bulletin
  • Event App


Follow a participant and receive notifications like final score and the participant's next game. When scores are updated, notifications are sent out to anyone who subscribed to a team along with all the coaches. We currently offer the following notification platforms:


Alert emails are sent out to event directors when something happens on their event. Below are some of the alerts we offer to keep the event director up to date.

  • Event registration and payments
  • Registration limit reached
  • Standings tie
  • Bracket/Standings completion
  • Upcoming event status

Schedule Requests

Collect scheduling requests during registration, enter manually or follow our scheduling requests formats and import all requests in a matter of seconds. Don't spend hours getting requests into the system anymore!

  • Exclude playing at the same time as another participant
  • Exclude certain matchups
  • Exclude or include date or time range
  • Exclude or include certain location
  • Play a certain amount of games

Live Game Streaming

We offer the ability to stream games from your entire schedule or specific games with a few clicks. We offer the following integrations below:

Branded App

Carry the event in the palm of your hand with our mobile website and apps on iPhone, iPad and Android! Also contact us about our branded apps.

Twitter Integration

Have a Twitter account? We post to Twitter in a number of ways. It's a great way to keep all your followers engaged and up to date throughout your event!

  • Messages
  • Game scores
  • Division champions (including image)
  • Team registrations (includes logo and link to event)

Facebook Integration

Have a Facebook account? Post your game results directly to your Facebook wall for all your fans. Great way to keep all your fans engaged and up to date throughout your event.

  • Messages
  • Game scores


Download or print reports for your event, export data or view data summaries of your schedule.

  • PDF reports (Schedules, standings, brackets, teams, team checkin, scoresheets, venues)
  • Grid reports (PDF, Excel)
  • Excel exports (Teams, payments, rosters, college coaches)
  • Schedule overview (Court, date and opponent distribution, participant and division schedule expors summaries)

Bracket Builder

Create unique and professional tournament brackets using our bracket builder. Our bracket builder offers flexibility to create any look imaginable.

  • Automated placement from standings
  • 1 page print outs with no page cut off
  • Single, double, triple elimination or custom templates


Our standings are highly customizable and can randomly populate teams into the standings, even taking into account scheduling requests placed on a team. You can also manually manage the standings yourself by using our drag and drop functionality.

  • Multiple pools
  • Pools cross play
  • Conditional pool games
  • Manual place overwrite
  • Advanced tie breaker rules with notifications

Contact Free Gate Fees

Offer gate admission online and verify at the gate with just a QR code. No more physical money.

  • Provide gate admission fees on our website or your website.
  • Receipt is emailed with QR code to scan at the gate.
  • Scan the QR code in email at the gate with a QR code reader.
  • Approve or deny the admission payment and provide optional wrist bands.

Division Templates

Exposure offers a number of ways to create templates so certain entities can be reused. These include Brackets, Divisions, and Event Schedules.

Monitor Ticker

Rotate real time results, standings, brackets, statistics and upcoming events on a monitor at your event. Our flexible monitor ticker will provide up to date information right at the venue.

Travel Integrations

Enable travel requirements for your event and registration. We currently integrate with the following travel vendors but you can also manually add your own.


Create a season, series or circuit and create a point ranking system. You can assign points from anything to a pool play game win or championship game loss.

  • Win, loss ties (Overall, standings, bracket)
  • Bracket rounds and champions
  • Team play up
  • Division play up
  • ELO, RPI enabled ratings


Need to provide statistic input or live statistics for your event? Exposure offers the following options for statistics, live gamecast and box scores:

Referee Management

Below are the comprehensive options that Exposure offers for referee management, catering to every aspect of the process and ensuring seamless coordination, synchronization and organization.


Every event has their own website to access all event information including the schedule. If you want event information or the schedule on your site take advantage of our widgets. Just copy a piece of code into your site and have an interactive schedule.


If you have a developer we offer an API that can retrieve, add and modify your data to use on your own website. The API offers registration, payments, game updating, and retrieval of participants, events, division, games and much more.


Access analytics like visitors and views for an event, app or ad banner with Google Analytic and Google AdMob.


Generate scoresheets for the event schedule created with our platform.

  • Team name, coach and rosters
  • Game date, time, location and more
  • Coaches can print off their game scoresheets
  • Printable PDF


Exposure offers the ability for a user to sign a waiver and be reviewed by an event director. The following waiver types are offered:

  • Seasonal player waivers